Sometimes Random, Pretty-Darn-Consistent Acts of Kindness

A GREATful LIFE - Facebook page tracking the habit of kindness

LATEST ENDEAVOR (at least with this Facebook page as part of A GREATful LIFE) —

January 2014 — I wanted something small and tangible that I could commit to each day (it was suggested to me as each week, but I am boosting that to once a DAY). After a great suggestion from GREATful WOMAN Jackie Brucker,

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Navigating The Storms — a perfectly imperfect guide to life’s challenges

This blog is not easy for me to write. I am going through something horrible right now that affects so many of the foundational pillars in life including trust and security.

  • It has shaken me to my core, but will not break me.
  • I did not create this drama, but I will not be a victim.
  • I did nothing wrong, illegal or immoral, but I will not stand in righteous indignation.
  • I am scared,

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Releasing our inner Super Model!

Releasing my inner SuperModelHearing the photographer for Miss USA and countless stars and models sincerely say “Wow” while taking my pictures may have been the most flattering moments of my life… and it was completely unexpected. What made this a monumental moment was not the fact that he said it, but the fact that I heard it, and accepted it graciously, without letting it mean too much or too little.

The photo shoot started at

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Put Your Oxygen Mask on First -IN ORDER TO- help the others!

We all are learning that the airlines have at least one thing correctly. They remind us each flight to put on our own oxygen mask first before helping others.

I would take that a step further and say

Until you are able to put on your own oxygen mask and take a breath,
you really can’t fully help others.   


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9 Steps to a Sexually Empowered Life (c/o Amy Jo Goddard)

As many of you know, we have taken one step back from was not only about sex and sexuality but embracing all that we are as a WOMAN, including our and sexual self-esteem and feminine energy — from our bodies to the bedroom to our babies to the boardroom.

Amy_Jo-295_LowRes-300x200Amy Jo Goddard ( swims in

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WATCH OUT: You live in what comes AFTER your “BUT”!

Hello peeps! If you believe all change takes time, read to the end of this Blog — RESULTS in minutes!!!!


This morning, I had a personal coaching client, JoAnn (and, “no” that is not her real name… out of respect) call me in tears. She felt stressed and frustrated (I could hear it in her breath — or lack of breath). She “worried about being alone” when she moves into her new apartment, separating

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Regina Brett’s Life Lessons (and will the REAL Regina Brett please stand up)

Hi everyone. I came across this list and all I could think was YES, YES, YES… Done! So you know I had to share it… but first an update/clarification: It ends up that it is an urban legend that this was written by a “90-year-old” Regina Brett. Yes, it is from Regina Brett – when she turned 50 (in 2006)!  The other picture was Iris Apfel (who is in her 90s). She is fabulous too, but had nothing to do with this list.

Hope that clears it

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SPRING LEARNING – 7 ways to embrace change — GREATful SEX’s (re)Birth as GREATful WOMAN

Hello. Happy Spring (and almost tax day). I know GREATful SEX and I have been quiet for a while — no new blog entries, and not much on Facebook. GREATful SEX went through its own winter and was reborn as GREATful WOMAN.

The train was going full throttle (does that apply to trains?… ok full speed) and all I remember feeling by December is, “I understand this route and I see the destination. I just don’t know if this is the

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Being GREATful for the undesirable???

On this day that most Americans actually practice naming things they are GREATful for, I challenge you to be GREATful for the things that you resent, regret and fear! You may not be GREATful for the actual act or person but what it has taught you or given you.

It is through this simple (but not easy) gratitude that we can let go of the toxins in our past (regrets, resentments and shame) and the future (fear and

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY — GREATful SEX is one year old!

Thank you for all birthday wishes!
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